Opal (var. hyalite)

Kopasz Hill, Tarcal, Zemplen Mts, Hungary

Opal (var. hyalite)
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Big specimen with spherical, intertwined structures (botryoidally masses) Hyalite Opal from Kopasz Hill, Tarcal, Zemplen
The andesite quarry is located between Kopasz Hill and Fekete Hill.
Measures approximately 150x90x50 mm and weighs approximately 0,545 kilogramme.

The andesite quarries at Tarcal have produced Hyalite Opal that is water-clear.
In a 10-15 m long zone, the andesite is impregnated with hyalite (opal-AN).
In this zone, wonderful hyalite specimens have been found in 2013, that caused the interest of collectors over the whole world.

The water-clear hyalites sometimes cover carbonates, mostly aragonite and calcite, which cause the covered specimens to show weak yellow fluorescence under UV-A light beside the strong green fluorescence under UV-C light. The fluorescence pictures of the specimen were made under 2 Philips UV-C TL - 25 watt lamps.

No collecting is permitted for anybody since summer 2015, which makes getting good quality specimens no longer possible.

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