Native solid gold “eagle feather”

Swauk mine, Kittitas County, Washington, USA

Native solid gold “eagle feather”
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Nice micro-mount from the Swauk mine, Kittitas County, Washington, USA
Measure about 3 mm.

Kittitas County, is located at the centre of Washington between the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia River. Gold was discovered in Swauk Creek in 1873.
The discovery of gold prompted a gold rush, the creation of a mining district, and the growth of Liberty and Swauk.
Placer-mined gold nuggets are the most common form of gold found in the region, but the Swauk Creek area is also one of the few locations in the world where crystalline gold wire has been found.
This highly unusual formation is valued not for its weight but for its delicate wire-like “sprigs and feathers” of gold. Pictures were made with a Canon macro lens.