Native silver on native arsenic

Pöhla, Saxony, Germany

Native silver on native arsenic
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Article codeI.A.0120.002
Specimens of native silver usually consist of wires that are curved and intertwined together. This specimen from Pöhla, Saxony, Germany has dendritic, fern-like crystal structures of native Silver mostly covering three faces of the specimen. The bright silver crystals are up to 5-6 mm long on contrasting dark grey native arsenic matrix. Measures approximately 70x50x30 mm and weighs approximately 0,220 kilogramme
This is a very rich specimen of native silver from the classic Schwarzenberg District in Saxony, Germany. The native silver has a well pronounced development of fern-like structures so typical of many native silvers from the Pöhla area.  Beautiful specimen native silver. Under a scope you can also discover some proustite.