Natural untreated copper

Romania, Caraş-Severin, Banat mountains, Moldova Nouă-Sasca

Natural  untreated copper
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Rare big specimen of natural untreated solid copper with some secondary minerals from Caras-Severin, Moldova Noua-Sasca, Romania.
Measures approximately 150x120x15/2 mm  and weighs approximately 0,290 kilogramme.

The Banat area is among the few in the world that supported almost continuous mining for about 4000 years.  Archaeological evidence shows that mining in the area goes back to the Bronze Age (1900 - 1700 BC).
The main ore exploited by that time was native copper. Later on, the important iron ores occurring in the area determined the gradual switch from copper to iron mining.

Romanian mining has been a important source of minerals for Europe for more than a few hundred years.