Sulphur crystals on Celestine

Poland, Tarnobrzeg, Machow mine

Sulphur crystals on Celestine
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Article codeI.B.0310.006
A spray of transparent celestine crystals, up to 7 mm long, partly overgrown with sparkly yellow crystals on a amorphous sulphur matrix; a particularly aesthetic example of a classic from Poland, Tarnobrzeg, Machow mine.
Overall size of mineral specimen: 80x50x30 mm.
Size of individual sulphur crystals: 5-7 mm.
Weighs approximately 0,160 kilogramme

At Machow the sulphur was deposited mostly as powder but also as coarsely crystalline masses and as free-growing crystals in the beautiful combinations with the minerals barite, calcite, and/or celestine.  The deposits was discovered by the geologist Pavlovski in 1954. The first sulphur from this open pit mine came out at 1969. This is a nice combination of sulphur and celestine.