Berthierite with siderite cover

Romania, Maramures, Baia Mare (Nagybánya), Herja Mine

Berthierite with siderite cover
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Article codeII.E.0110.003
A aesthetic example of the rare iron antimony sulfosalt berthierite; the berthierite crystals are partly covered with yellow-greenish siderite crystals, a extremely rare and beautiful combination of the both minerals from the classic locality Baia Mare.
Dimensions: 100x70x60 mm. Weight 0,480 kilogramme.

Herja produced the world best blue iridescence stibnite and berthierite; berthierite specimen from Herja become more and more rare given the fact the mines in the area are closed many years ago.
One side is completely covered with siderite crystals.