Orpiment on Quartz

Baia Sprie mine, Baia Sprie, Maramures, Romania

Orpiment on Quartz
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Article codeII.F.0270.006
This specimen with small orpiment needles on Quartz is a beautiful en very hard to find piece.
Ex. collection Eddy Vervloet  – Belgium.
Dimensions: 60x45x20 mm. Weight 0,065 kilogramme.
The mining complex of Baia Mare, in the northern part of Romania, has a very complex geological structure.
Baia Sprie is a well-known ore deposit containing a large numbers of minerals.
It is de largest hydrothermal ore deposit in Romania a 5 km long vein with gold and silver in de upper part and Cupper, Zink, lead and others minerals in the lower part.
Mined from the 14th century until 2006 - all the mines are closed nowadays.