Pyrite on quartz

Romania, Maramureș, Cavnic, Boldut Mine

Pyrite on quartz
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Article codeII.D.1730.026
A large specimen of iridescent intergrown pyrite crystals up to 15mm, on several generations, quartz crystals.
The matrix consists mainly of pyrite and quartz. Several layers thin quartz matrix with snow-white quartz crystals on the front-side partly covering the pyrite.
Measures approximately 165x130x40 mm and weighs approximately 0,740 kilogramme.

Cavnic is a ancient and historic mining town. Located 30 km east of Baia Mare and famous for its deposits of lead, zinc, manganese, as well as barium and antimony.
From the mines of this locality have been extracted samples of exceptional beauty and value worldwide, in major collections.
Several of the pyrite crystals have small natural cracks; in many of the cracks some small clusters of micro-quartz crystals have grown.

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