Realgar, chalcopyrite, quartz

Romania, Maramureș, Baia Sprie (Felsöbánya)

Realgar, chalcopyrite, quartz
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Article codeII.F.0230.010
On either side of the quartz plate are large clusters with realgar and (on the side which has been the most sunlight) also Para-realgar; in a nice contrast with the white quartz, the golden pyrite/chalcopyrite and the gray (solid) Arsenic
The crystals to the "rear" are fire-red; wow what a intense red color and lustrous glassy faces.
Clear presentation of Realgar from this famous and closed now mine. Irresistible!
This is a big piece almost 220x150x45 mm. Weight 1,9 kilogramme.
This realgar is from the No. 5 Mine in Baia Sprie (Felsobanya), Maramures County, Romania.
This area has been one of the most important mining centers in Romania since approximately 1411.
Gold and silver minerals were the primary ores mined here.
There are 100 different species of minerals and over 20 different sulfide minerals found in Baia Sprie including realgar.
We store this specimen in total darkness to protect the crystals against discoloration and disintegration.