Romania, Maramureș, Baia Mare (Nagybánya), Chiuzbaia (Kisbánya), Herja mine.

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Article codeII.E.2120.003
Semseyite from Romania, Maramures, Baia Mare (Nagybánya), Chiuzbaia (Kisbánya), Herja mine.
Nice big size mineral; measures approx. 175x130x65 and weighs approx. 1,7 kg.
Top-specimen; concatenation of sparkling semseyite crystals, partly rosette and spheres, partly covered with spherical gray colored calcite.
The matrix consists of a mixture of loosely packed quartz crystals (well developed), galena, pyrite and sphalerite.
The Herja mine is located near the village of Chiuzbaia (formerly Kisbanya), southwest of Baia Mare in the region of Transylvania, northwest Romania, abutting Ukraine and Hungary.
This gold and antimony mining district has also produced many beautiful sulphides en oxide specimen like stibnite, berthierite, tetrahedrite, cronstedtite, vivianite, wolframite and, yes indeed, this perfect rare semseyite-specimen.
For several decades the mines in the region produces the best specimen for mineral collectors, nowadays al of the mines in the region are closed.
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