Romania, Maramureș, Cavnic (Kapnic; Kapnik)

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Article codeII.C.1140.008
Steel blue and silvery shiny solitaire and small clusters with tetrahedrite crystals on a bed of fine milky and clear quartz crystals and a rhodochrosite matrix - very fine old piece.
Measures approx. 130x100x60mm and weighs approx. 0,170 kg.
Cavnic is located 30 km east of Baia Mare and famous for its deposits of lead, zinc, manganese, as well as small quantities of gold, silver, barium, and antimony.
Mining activity in the area dates back to the Roman age; first documented in 1336 and was named after the river, which got its name from a Slavic word, Kopan?, which refers to digging.
Nowadays all the mines in de region are closed.
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