Fluorite - daylight fluorescent

UK, England, Durham Co., Weardale, Greenlaw mine.

Fluorite - daylight fluorescent
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Article codeIII.A.0810.051
The best known blue fluorescing fluorites originate from the Cumberland and Weardale regions in England.
Overall size: 110x70x30mm. Specimen weight: 0,300 kg.
Under LED light (6000k), the fluorite colors in light purple tones - not a spectacular/beautiful specimen. From a short distance it seems even a bit  greenish.
But ............... this piece is highly daylight (UV) fluorescent and glows purple in outdoor light.

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The light emission under short or long wave UV light is extremely strong; the fluorite crystals light up bright blue under long (or short) wave ultra violet light. Also some “frosted” crystals. What a strange piece.