Fluorite (green / blue) - Weardale

Rogerley mine, Weardale, North England.

Fluorite (green / blue) - Weardale
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Article codeIII.A.0810.017
Very attractive green / blue Fluorite crystals from the Rogerley mine.
Highly fluorescent; turns bright blue under a long wave ultraviolet light (black-light). Dimensions: 170x100x70 mm. Weight 1,340 kilogramme.
The Rogerley mine is located in an abandoned 19th century limestone quarry near the village of Frosterley in the historic Weardale mining district, northern England.
First discovered in the early 1970’s by partners L. Greenbank and M. Sutcliffe, the Rogerley is, to date, the only mine in the UK to be operated on a commercial basis solely for mineral specimens.