Fluorite, Willemite, calcite and Caliche

USA, Arizona, Yavapai Co., Black Rock Mining District, Monarch Wash area, Purple Passion Mine

Fluorite, Willemite, calcite and Caliche
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Article codeIII.A.0810.048
Spectacular fluorescent specimen from the Purple Passion Mine in Arizona, USA; it fluoresces under short- and longwave UV light. A great addition to any fluorescent specimen collection.  
The dimensions of this piece are: up to 100 mm length, 50 mm width and up to 30 mm thick. It weighs about 0,250 kg.

The green fluorite fluoresces a brilliant blue-white colour. The calcite tends to fluoresce with the major colours being bright red or hot pink (the caliche coating also fluoresces a peach colour). The willemite occurs as microscopic sprays and strongly fluoresces a pale yellow colour with spots shading to green (it is also phosphorescent).

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