Needle quartz with purple-red lepidocrocite

Peru, Huaron mining complex

Needle quartz with purple-red lepidocrocite
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This beauty comes from the mines in Peru, Huaron. Two generations needle quartz with purple-red lepidocrocite (or  hematite) enclosures.
The quartz sits on a pyrite matrix – on the needles some small chalcopyrite crystals. As far I can see only two of the smaller needles at the back-side (close to the edge) are broken.
Measures approximately 110x70x50 mm and weighs approximately 0,43 kilogramme.
Huaron lies about 45 km south south-west of Cerro de Pasco; the mines are located on the east flank of the western Cordillera of the Andes at a height ranging from 4.000 to 4.800 meters.
The most important minerals for collector are minerals as chalcopyrite, dolomite, galena, pyrite, quartz, rhodocrosite and Sphalerite.