White opal

Slovakia, Prešov Region, Prešov District, Červenica, Dubník

White opal
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Article codeIV.D.0180.004
Typical white (with some coloured spots) Slovakian opal on andesitic matrix from Dubník.
Measures approximately 70x50x25mm and weighs approximately 0,066 kilogramme

An old-time opal specimen from the Carpathian Mountains (with a label from the German fam. Weber collection).  
Until the end of world war I the Cervenica region was part of Hungary and the opals are known as Hungarian opals
The "Hungarian" opal deposits (now in Slovakia) were the unique source of gem opal in Europe from the Roman times to XIXth. Until the 19th century its mines were the only source of precious opal available to Europeans.
During this period, the village was generally known, at least to outsiders, as Czernowitza.