Bi-colored calcite

Herja mine, Baia Mare (Nagybánya), Maramureș, Romania

Bi-colored calcite
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Bi-colored black/white calcite from Herja mine, Baia Mare (Nagybánya), Maramures, Romania.
Measures approximately 80x60x35mm  and weighs approximately 0,150 kilogramme.

A great example of bi-collared calcite from the former Herja mine, in Maramures, Romania.
A beautiful specimen with combination of white calcite balls and grey to black calcite crystals due to boulangerite and jamesonite inclusions.
Macro pictures show  several spots with fibrous micro-crystals of boulangerite.
The calcite, in its turn, grew on a thin crystallised quartz layer also coloured by the mineral boulangerite; this quarts variety is called “Maramures Diamonds”, on top some crème coloured dolomite.