Light green adamite crystals on snow white calcite

Mexico, Santa Eulalia District

Light green adamite crystals on snow white calcite
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Article codeVII.B.0630.004
Fantastic specimen; several light green, fluorescent, Adamite crystals in rounded aggregates up to 6-7 mm on snow white calcite. Dimensions: 95x80x45 mm. Weight 0,415 kilogramme.

Central Mexico's mining districts, opened centuries ago during the Spanish conquest, still form the backbone of metal mining in the country today.
Mexico has been mined for centuries dating back to pre-historic times and still is producing significant tonnages of valuable ores. Mining began in the Santa Eulalia Mining District in the early 1700s. Early production was primarily silver. More recently, the mines have produced zinc and lead. The localities within Mexico are just as well know to collectors as the minerals that come from them. Place names such as Mapimi, Vera Cruz, Boleo, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Santa Eulalia. Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua has produced beautiful specimens of many minerals and the Potosi Mine in Santa Eulalia is one of the more productive mines in the area in terms of collection specimens.