A deep green pyromorphite specimen on sandstone-conglomerate from a classic German locality.

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Pyromorphites from Germany are certainly among the most known and valued classic minerals in Europe and also worldwide.
Good pyromorphite specimens have been found during the last decades and also at present.
This specimen is from the Eifel Mountains  Dimensions: 90x80x30 mm. Weight 0,240 kilogramme.

The Mechernich ore district is situated at the northern margin of the Eifel Mts. within the so called 'Triassic Triangle' which is part of the Eifel North-South depression.
Copper and lead (-zinc) mineralization occurs, the latter having been of the highest economic importance. Most important primary ore mineral is galena, but quite large portions of the deposit have been altered to secondary minerals and cerussite has been mined as a lead ore too.
Pyromorphite from the area is quite abundant but noteworthy occurrences are restricted to some mines/outcrops. This specimen Pyromorphite with bright to dark green small micro-crystals is from Grube Güte Hoffnung within the Mechernich ore district.