Clinochlore (var. Kammererite)

Turkey, the Kop Krom mine, Kop Daglari, Erzurum province.

Clinochlore (var. Kammererite)
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Very nice piece with some deep purple kammererite crystals; kammererite  is the chrome rich variety of the mineral clinochlore.
It has been found in many places around the world but by far the best specimens come from Turkey.
This piece is from Turkey, the Kop Krom mine, Kop Daglari, Erzurum province.
Dimensions: 50x35x30 mm. Weight: 0.075 kilogrammes.
Kaemmererite, also spelled kammererite, is the chromium rich variety of clinochlore.
Clinochlore is a member of a large group of minerals called chlorites.
Most chlorites have a green color due to the iron and magnesium ions which are usually present.
Kaemmererite however has small amounts of chromium in its structure and it is the chromium that colors the crystals of kaemmererite.
Chromium is a very strong coloring agent and is responsible for strong colors in many different minerals.
The lavender and the more common crimson red of kaemmererite are truly wonderful colors.