Hemimorphite on limonite

Ojuela Mine in Mapimi, Durango, Mexico

Hemimorphite on limonite
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Article codeVIII.C.0810.003
Hemimorphite on limonite from the Ojuela Mine in Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.
Extremely contrasting specimen with white on red limonite matrix.
This specimen measures approximately 130x110x55 mm and weighs approximately 0,580 kilogramme.

Mexico is probably the most prolific country when it comes to collectible specimen production of Hemimorphite. The famous Ojuela Mine in Mapimi, Durango is one of the most prolific Hemimorphite localites, forming well-shaped crystals on a Limonite matrix. Very large white crystals and fans have been found at Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua; this specimen is from the Potosi mine, West Camp, Santa Eualia.